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Information Technology Staffing Solutions - Whether you're looking to hire experienced technology talent or find the best technology jobs, we are your IT expert to call.

It is our commitment at BHR Company to deliver stress-free staffing solutions to clients in the Private Sectors and Government. We contribute to achieving their business objectives in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner.
As a search firm focusing on filling technical jobs, engineering and computer related positions, we work diligently to fill the high-level technical and computer-related employment needs of companies in the United States & Canada.



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Recruiting takes time, money, and experience. When companies choose to handle the recruiting function internally, resource constraints often force them to skip important steps in the process. BHR Company will help you get the best talent for the right investment while saving you time and money.


It is our commitment at BHR Company to deliver stress-free staffing solutions to clients in the Private Sectors and Government. We contribute to achieving their business objectives in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner.


IT, in this day and age, plays a significant role in the business and commercial industry. The entrepreneurs, financiers, and the like will require a great need of assistance from high-minded IT experts to help them develop a more avant-garde business. Employer may complete specific projects with the possibility of developing valuable IT professionals for the future.

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Rick Landry

Rick Landry


BHR Company provides services in the United States & Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our executive IT staffing solutions. Please use the form here to send a message.

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Cindy Salisbury, Software Applications Manager at All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc.

"I’ve known John Bringman for quite a few years.  One of the reasons I’ve worked with John over the years is his expertise to connect the right people with the right opportunities.  John possess an exceptional ability to partner with companies to gain a deep understanding of their needs to connect qualified candidates from within his professional network.  After selecting qualified candidates, John will discuss the positions in detail to ensure the prospective aspirant agrees there is a suitable fit with their talents to invest in a long-term career.  John’s goal is to ensure both the candidate, as well as the company agree the partnership will be positive, as he is invested in the partnership as well.  It’s been a pleasure to work with John over the years from both a candidate seeking employment, as well as an employer looking for that perfect fit in a candidate.  I’d recommend him to a company that is seeking to invest in IT rolls to support their future growth, as well as candidates seeking a change in their long-term career goals."

Ken Klaft Database Administrator for Heidtman Steel Company.

"John Bringman is a rock star in IT employment.  BHR has provided assistance on more than one occasion when I found myself unemployed through company buyouts and IT outsourcing.  In each case, John has been able to offer excellent opportunities - which I have taken advantage of.  His experience, familiarity with the area and the IT industry are an invaluable asset to the prospective applicant.  I would highly recommend John and BHR."

Terry Kin VP IT at All Aboard America! Holdings, Inc.

"I have been working with John and BHR for over 20 years. John is very efficient and provides an exceptional service. John is friendly, approachable, helpful and understanding while demonstrating professionalism and passion in his work. John also truly wants to understand your needs before discussing candidates.  I appreciate his quick response, efficiency and prompt follow-up to my requests. John is my go to technical recruiter and will be a valuable recruiting resource for anyone."

Joseph Ziegler; Senior Vice President, acting Information Officer of Maritz Research

"Over the course of my personal career, across multiple businesses, I have worked with John to
assist me with my hiring authority and responsibilities.
John has strove to understand not just the stated need, but the business, environment, and
long-term goals with the candidates.
He is cautious to ensure the right fit, not only for the business, but for the candidates, as well.
John’s business is not a “body shop”. He consistently brings a personal and conscientious touch
to the table.
Upon reflection, I’m surprised to say... Over a number of years, and multiple businesses, we never had a rejected placement through John.
He has always approached our relationship with a long-term view. He never risked that
relationship for the purposes of making a quick placement with a pay-day in mind.
John is respectful, affable, and somehow always brought a sense of fun to the process."

Derek Kamp
NORAM DIS IT Director 

"I have had the pleasure of working with John Bringman of BHR as my main recruiting resource for over 15 years.  I have been able to work with him as both a candidate and a client, and have found his levels of professionalism and integrity to give him a significant edge over his competitors.  As I look back over my career, the outstanding hires I’ve made have all come from John.  His technical knowledge make him able to excel in sourcing and screening, and his experience in the industry make him very efficient in presenting the best candidates for a given position.


I can whole-heartedly recommend John’s services to anyone looking for the best candidates for their organization."