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Why Choose BHR
Direct Contract IT Staffing for Private Sector
Direct Contract IT Staffing for Government Sector

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Our Mission Statement
It is our commitment at BHR Company to deliver stress-free staffing solutions to clients in the Private Sectors and Government. We contribute to achieving their business objectives in a professional, cost effective and efficient manner.

As a search firm focusing on filling technical jobs, engineering and computer related positions, we work diligently to fill the high-level technical and computer-related employment needs of companies in the United States & Canada.

BHR Company does more than merely match candidates to job openings. We work closely with clients to determine the exact qualifications and skills needed in a prospect and we interview candidates extensively to ensure their experience and needs are appropriate for the job and culture offered by our clients.

The strength of our industry expertise, coupled with our desire to provide premier customer service and personal attention, separates BHR Company from other recruiting firms. Every search is different as are each client’s hiring needs. BHR Company understands the intricacies of your needs as well as the needs of our candidates. This is why our process is tailored to the specifications of each search.

Why Choose BHR Company
BHR Company specializes in finding talented candidates with expertise in the Information Technology field for our client companies. We work tirelessly to build and maintain successful working relationships by locating the best solution to our client’s needs.

BHR Company improves your recruiting efficiency and retention by gathering valuable information from your hiring managers, we outline the required skills and background needed for each role, specify daily tasks and reporting structures, and convey why your company is an employer of choice.

Our Expertise
Led by an impressive team of Recruiting and Sales veterans who have assisted in staffing some of the nation’s finest organizations, BHR Company is your source for permanent and contract placement of qualified information technology professionals.

Due to decades of experience in recruiting, our strong network of contacts, and our successful fill ratios, we are uniquely qualified to assist you with your recruiting and hiring needs.

Our Staffing Services include various assignment durations and work arrangements:

  • IT Solutions
  • IT Recruiting Services
  • Full Time/ Direct Job Placement
  • Contract Job Assignments
  • Temporary to Permanent Placement

We are an IT Recruiting & Search Staffing Firm that serves both the Private Companies in the United States & Canada as well as an IT Preferred Vendor to the United States Government.

BHR Company helps you uncover the right candidates for the right positions at the right time. We develop a customized talent sourcing media plan that uses a multi-channel approach to create awareness, generate interest, establish motivation and produce action. We also develop targeted advertisements that attract top-notch talent and reduce your time to hire. Bad hiring decisions can cripple an organization. Most hiring managers recognize the loss of time and money from such decisions, but miss the hidden costs –– reduced productivity, poor customer service and decreased employee morale.

Recruitment Outsourcing
Recruiting takes time, money, and experience. When companies choose to handle the recruiting function internally, resource constraints often force them to skip important steps in the process. BHR Company will help you get the best talent for the right investment while saving you time and money.

By outsourcing the recruitment process to BHR Company, your company benefits from our use of innovative recruitment processes, targeted recruitment media, and multi-pronged sourcing strategies, guaranteeing results that are sure to exceed your expectations. Our vast data and unparalleled access to candidates helps us determine who possesses the values and skills necessary to succeed at your company and the best ways to reach them. That means you not only get higher quality talent faster, you also see improved productivity from higher quality hires. And with improved productivity and operational efficiency comes reduced costs and higher profits—and that’s what it’s all about.